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whirlpool bridge at turtle bay
redding, california

  • Whirlpool Bridge at Turtle Bay
  • Whirlpool Bridge at Turtle Bay

The Whirlpool Bridge at Turtle Bay in Reddind, California features a design that creates a bridge between two uniquely different environments: one natural, an arboretum; one manmade, a museum.

The bridge is an interpretation of the river over which it spans. The cable stay bridge's whirlpool-like twists and turns capture the bends and movements of the water. The winding shape is further enhanced through the inclusion of a pedestrian viewing platform at its center (a stage for special events). The platform provides a view over the heart of the Sacramento River.

The Whirlpool Bridge is pedestrian friendly with its suspended bridge walkways spanning the river banks. The bridge’s central platform can be used as a stage for special events. It is an environmentally conscious bridge, having only a single pier to interrupt the flow of the river.